Where To Buy A Laptop During Circuit Breaker?

Due to the CoronaVirus, a strict circuit breaker had been implied in Singapore. However, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce has announced an exit since June 1. There will be a three-phased approach to safely resume the activities. Amid this pandemic, it’s not very much safe to step out of the house and roam around freely. It is advised to stay home until it’s very much necessary to go outside. While staying home, you might be getting thoughts like how and where to buy groceries? With all the other questions, if you ever get thought about where to buy a laptop during circuit breaker, we are here with the solution. Corona Virus has created a panic among people but you need not worry. We will tell you how you should shop for a laptop and be safe at the same time.



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Shopping offline? Ensure the seller is taking the precautionary measures

It’s not very much safe to step out of the house to buy a laptop as you never know who is infected with the virus. You might accidentally come in contact with an affected person. However, if you take all the necessary precautionary measures you’ll be safe. While going outside, wear a face mask or shield and gloves. Keep a hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray with you. If you have your own vehicle, spray the disinfectant liquid before touching it.

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When you’ll reach the laptop store, ensure you don’t touch anything unnecessarily. Check if the seller is following all the guidelines issued by the government. It’s compulsory for the salesperson to wear a mask and keep a hand sanitizer on the desk. It would be great if they have a system to keep washing hands again and again. See if the salesperson is maintaining a proper gap while explaining the feature of the laptop. Before you touch the selected laptop, ensure it’s sanitized. Also, ask the seller to sanitize the box or bag after the laptop is packed.

PC Dreams Outlet in Singapore is following all these necessary steps. We know how important it is to maintain hygiene. We clean our workstations 3 to 4 times every day. All the salespersons available on the store strictly follow the social distancing and wear their face shields/masks and gloves.

Shop online but make sure seller follows the necessary guidelines

Online shopping seems more convenient as you don’t have to step outside and there are low chances of coming in contact with an infected person. But what if the seller is not following the protocol? You’ll be putting yourself at high risk. The eCommerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and others are strictly following the rules. The items, before and after packing, from these online stores, are well sanitized before shipping. After the package reaches the delivery outlet, it is again sanitized and then delivered to you. The delivery persons are also equipped with the necessary stuff.



On the other side, there are some retailers that provide online services. You can buy a laptop by just sitting at home. But you can’t be sure that these retailers are following all the important steps.

The team at PC Dreams Outlet follows the same procedure for online services as offline. We take care of your safety. You can place your order by reaching us through our website. The laptop will be sanitized before and after packing.

While this deadly virus has slowed down the world, we should do everything possible to keep yourself safe. PC Dreams Outlet follows the rules and hopes that the world gets over it soon.

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