Each day brings with itself new technological advancements and looking at the present scenario the demand is increasing tremendously. We also see this increasing trend in the need and utility of these devices. But the rate of inflation and the cost of the latest technology is also on the upward trend. Therefore, buying the latest brand new computer or laptop can cost you a fortune. So, to save your hard-earned money, you can choose to buy refurbished products over a new one. These refurbished computers are available at a much lesser price, which makes them more desirable. Many companies choose to buy premium refresh computers over brand new. Let’s help you make an informed choice while buying your next new-to-you computer in an interesting FAQ way.

  • What is a premium refurbished computer?

Generally, refurbished computers are devices that the customer returns to the manufacturer due to many reasons. Either they have a change of heart regarding the device or due to minor blemishes. It’s for any reason, but once returned, they cannot resell them as new. 

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

Photo by Designecologist


After reaching the manufacturer, these devices pass through several tests to meet the quality and performance standards similar to brand new computers. 

  • Will I get any warranty and guarantee while buying a refurbished computer?

Reputed resellers will always sell a device with a warranty. Remember, even a minimum warranty is better than no warranty at all. Moreover, it indicates the confidence of the seller in the device which is linked to the quality. It also gives the customer the chance to uncover any hidden troubles with the computer. Some certified resellers also provide an accidental extended warranty with the purchase. 

  • Are refurbished computers more prone to troubles and repairs?

Well, the answer is no. As clearly stated above, these devices pass through over 30 qualification tests before reaching you. When they come out of the refurbishment process, they are as good as new PC’s. Even the performance level is on par with the new ones. This is the main reason behind many establishments like corporates, schools, and NGOs use a refurbished computer. But two more factors also contribute to this question. Firstly, no repair woes depend on whom you choose to buy such devices. Reputed resellers will never provide you lemons. The second point of contemplation is the maintenance you accord to these devices. If you don’t follow healthy maintenance habits and use these devices roughly, troubles may come eventually. 

  • Will they last as long as new

All these devices go through a proper reconditioning during the refurbishment process, which ensures that these devices work smoothly. Therefore, rest assured they won’t break down the very next day of purchase and will last long with no serious troubles. But again, it all depends on whom you buy. 

  • Can I get specifications as per my need?

Anytime, yes! You can choose to buy a premium refresh computer which can be reassembled as per your preferences. Customers can fulfill all their requirements in terms of specifications like hard drive, graphic card, processor, screen size, etc. This provides customers with the best possible computer solution for both functionality and affordability wrapped into one. 

Finally, now you have all the useful information for purchasing premium refurbished computers. Therefore, next time when the need arises, take your time and weigh your options carefully between new and refurbished before striking a deal. 

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