All You Need to Know about Connecting PS4 to Laptop

If you’re wondering how to connect PS4 to a laptop then well you are at the right place because here we are going to dig into the depth of the topic. So let’s get started quickly!

You must have encountered issues like having a PS4 next to a monitor or television where it is quite inconvenient to hook your console to your setup in order to experience quick and easy gaming. However, it is a fact that if you had a system like Mac or a laptop you may need to make a little more effort in order to play games on your screen. Need not worry as we are going to find more about how to connect PS4 to a laptop or Mac and the first that we are going to do is explore the problem that we face while using a PS4 HDMI cable on a laptop for a Mac. For someone who uses a traditional computer or a monitor setup which actually uses an HDMI connection system, plugging a PS4 will be quite easy. Also if your monitor has 2 HDMI ports then you may opt to plug in your PS4 into the second port and conveniently switch between the inputs. While on the other hand if by any chance your monitor has just one HDMI port then you can go for an HDMI splitter in order to toggle between your computer and the console.

PS4 Remote Play

PS4 Remote Play-


That was quite an interesting solution right? But it is quite unfortunate to know that the HDMI port on your computer is a little different from the one that is present on a monitor. In the monitor HDMI ports basically listens for data because it is their primary job to display information but in your laptop, for a Mac’s HDMI port your PS4 can also send data with the help of that cable. Now we will explore how we can play PS4 games onto a laptop or a Mac.

If you are someone who is wanting to play PS4 games on a laptop or a Mac system then you might choose to use PS4 remote play which is an application facilitated for operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS. They actually allow you to connect to your PS4 remotely but the basic amenity is having a fast internet connection. On your first use, you may find it a little annoying seeing your PS4 getting turned on by itself but once you get going with it you can interact with your PS4 screen from any device.

How to use a PS4 remote?

Connect your Laptop to PS4

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In case you are wondering how you can use a PS4 remote then you just need to download it from the website itself. Meanwhile, you can also look around for a USB cable and also a PS4 controller which can then be plugged into your system also you can use your keyboard in order to navigate in your PS4 but you are only limited to the arrow keys to move, enter in order to confirm things and escape to go back. As soon as the downloading process of the application is complete, boot it up and log in with your required PS4 credentials and then just click start to search for your PS4. If the application is able to find it then it will just turn it on to show your feed. You can also experience a beep and a boot-up by itself on your PS4 when all this process happens.

How to turn off the PS4?

Once you are done with all the above-discussed steps of connecting the PS4 to a laptop then now you might be wondering how to actually turn off the PS4. In order to do this, you may be tempted to use the cross button on the top right of the window but it will actually just close the remote connection to the console whereas the console itself will continue to be running. In order to actually turn off the PS4, you need to just press the PlayStation button and select the power option from the menu and it’s done.

In the entire process of connecting the PS4 to the laptop, the above-mentioned steps will definitely come in handy and will also solve your problem for sure.

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