Kobo Nia Review- Is It Worth Buying?

Reading is like one of those activities that one can still say “I don’t really have time for” or “I decided to read all the time” (sadly, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit don’t count) but it’s when you read that you relax and think to yourself, “Why don’t I do something like that more often?

For casual readers, Kobo Nia is ideal for inconsistent reading habits and would complement all but the most habitual book lovers. The Nia is a small, matt black device that is underplayed. It’s nice and simple design features stylish, black layout, a debossed logo, and a dimpled back that looks amazing but also makes it incredibly grip-friendly. 


Kobo Nia

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The Nia is sleek and lightweight and features just one button and a micro USB port to send and receive files on the e-reader base. Rakuten Kobo has sliced the fat by excluding the audio jack or external ports and has allowed this device to have only the essentials. The Kobo Nia is compact and lightweight which easily fits in hands for hours. It easily slips into the pocket and bag.


The Kobo Nia features a small but crisp 6 inch Matt touchscreen that has 212 pixels per inch resolution which is quite sharp as compared to the most entry-level e-readers such as Amazon Kindle. The small but crisp 6 “Matt, e-ink, touchscreen sports a resolution of 212 pixels per inch, sharper than most entry-level e-readers, such as the Amazon Kindle. Even in direct sunlight, the show is significantly clear and easier to read. The Nia is the smallest e-reader at 112.4 x 159.3 x 9.2 mm and is just slightly bigger than a postcard and weighs only 172 g.


There is no Bluetooth and headphone jack so doesn’t expect any audiobook support. Kobo Nia is a focused and seamless e-reader with no waterproofing. When you’re connected to the Wi-Fi, you can visit the online store with thousands of books to choose from. It means you’ll still have access to good content. Using an OverDrive account and your library card you can also borrow e-books from local libraries. This is a good inexpensive choice with books returning automatically once your rental time is over and you don’t have to pay any late fees.

Gear KOBO Nia



You can have millions of eBooks just at your fingertips with 8GB storage. But storing lots of uncompressed files might be an issue. It has an NXP IMX6ULL processor with 256 MB of RAM making the e-reader highly responsive and fast to turn the pages and access the Kobo store as well. Also, the interface has been simplified so you can work online and access your book and file library comfortably and efficiently. Nonetheless, typing could be a little time consuming and laggy on the touchscreen which sometimes makes searching frustrating.


The Kobo Nia has a 1000mAh battery that lasts weeks depending on your use, and particularly how often you use the Wi-Fi. It charges via the provided micro USB cable but doesn’t include a USB-C port and cable.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t want to spend more of your money, Kobo Nia is a great alternative to Amazon Kindle. If you love to read books regularly, it provides you with the budget option of borrowing books from the library. You can also download the books for absolutely free and upload them to the device.

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