Myths About Factory Refurbished Laptops

There are myths around a number of things in the world for years. Many of them are around technology for example, about refurbished devices. We can easily find so many factories refurbished or renewed products on the eCommerce websites. Suppose you are looking for a laptop and as you see the word refurbished, so many thoughts will cross your mind like how they work or is it a good deal, etc.



Don’t stress yourself. Keep your mind cool because buying the factory refurbished laptops can actually be a great deal. We are here to bust the myths that are built around reconditioned laptops.

1. They are used or pre-owned devices

Not all the renewed laptops are used or pre-owned. A very small percentage of refurbished laptops fall in this category while the others are either new or returned to the seller within a few days of the purchase. Many of these devices just need some upgrades to enhance their performance. The reasons for which the customers return the laptop to the seller may include manufacturing defects, scratches, small dents on the body, or maybe they don’t like the product.

The manufacturer then fixes the faults and re-package and releases them in the market as refurbished laptops. These factory refurbished laptops have a much longer and useful life.

2. Slow speed and poor performance

The very first wild claim about the factory refurbished laptops that comes to mind is that they deliver poor performance. That’s not true. Before making any refurbished laptop available for purchase, the brand makes sure it is tested thoroughly and certified. They make sure that the renewed device runs smoothly with good speed and performance as compared to the new devices. In many cases, the reconditioned device undergoes more extreme tests than a new one. This is to ensure their excellent quality and reliability. 

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3. They are more prone to repair and maintenance issues

The refurbished laptops go through rigorous tests reconditioned by qualified professionals before they are made available in the market. They are equally good as the new devices in every term. However, you might’ve to spend money on some serious repair and maintenance issues but that totally depends on ‘from where you’ve purchased the laptop’. Was the seller certified or authorized? It is advised to purchase a renewed laptop from the refurbished stores that can assure the quality performance maybe through a certificate.


Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo Series


4. There’s no warranty on refurbished laptops

Well, that point also isn’t true. Every refurbished product from the reputed seller comes with a limited period of warranty. However, the warranty period may vary from 30 days to 1 year. Some sellers provide the warranty on a few parts. But you should consider buying a refurbished laptop from reliable resources that provide an extended warranty covering the parts, labor, and maybe the replacement of the product.

5. Meant for personal use and not for business

That’s totally a myth. At present, a number of organizations are using refurbished PCs and laptops for daily operations. They can be used for any work according to their specifications. If any hitch or glitch happened in any case, refurbishers are always there to fix that. 

If you are thinking of buying a laptop for your personal use or for business purposes, you can consider buying factory refurbished laptops from a certified seller.

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