Buy Best Budget Friendly Laptop in Singapore 2020

Are you someone who is constantly thinking “where to buy a cheap laptop in Singapore with great configuration but is on a tight budget? Buying a laptop is never easy when you have a budget to follow. Although now the trends are changing and laptops have become much more pocket friendly as the time is passing and technology is advancing. Finding a laptop which is pocket friendly becomes even more  convenient if you are shopping from a PC Dreams Outlet. In today’s date customers can buy a laptop with decent configuration under $1000 and if you search harder then you may get lucky and find laptops even under $500. We have brought to you a list of amazing budget friendly laptops in 2020 that you can buy in Singapore. So let’s get started!

1. Apple MacBook Air

Macbook air

Macbook air 2020- ars Technica


Although the brand Apple is known to unveil products within an expensive price range but due to the release of new Macbook the Apple MacBook Air is available at a much cheaper scale. Speaking of the specifications the device can handle multitasking without any hassle and can run countless programs while maintaining its fast speed. It is a long term use device as it is super durable, portable and is ultra-lightweight. Also you can never go wrong with an Apple product.

2. Acer Swift 3


The Swift 3 is a surprisingly powerful laptop that is also budget friendly. In the Swift 3 you will get an 8th Generation Intel i5 processor which guarantees its users performance even when you are using more than one application. The device comprises an ultra responsive keyboard + trackpad which helps the computer work without any delay or lags. With the powerful processor the device performs tasks at a clock speed of 3.9 GHz. It also has a 6mb smart cache with Windows 10 Home operating system. With respect to the display features it has a 14 inches full HD IPS narrow bezels display + Intel UHD graphics 620. It also has an 8GB ddr4 RAM and a 256 GB NVMe PCIe SSD.

3. Microsoft Surface Go

surface go laptop

Microsoft Go Surface Laptop


The brand Microsoft earned its flair because of its operating system Windows but when the company entered the laptop business it created quite a stir. The brand’s surface laptops are known among its users for their portability, tablet-like appeal and uniform factor. Although most of the company’s surface laptops are available in an expensive price, ranging around $1300 but thankfully the brand has released the Surface Go which is available at a price below $900. Hence the customers can enjoy all the unique features of Microsoft Surface go without punching a hole in the pocket. 

4. Dell Inspiron 14

Dell Inspiron 14

Dell Inspiron 14 5000 series- Trusted Reviews


Dell has managed to earn itself a good reputation in the laptop business due to its products like Dell Inspiron 14. The device consists of some hands-on configuration like the Nvidia mx150 graphics card that displays awesome images plus it also lets users edit videos without any hassle. This laptop is also comfortable with running a few games as well. The Dell Inspiron 14 is absolutely capable of handling all your multitasking as it comes packed with infinite potential suitable for all purposes.

5. Lenovo IdeaPad S130

Lenovo Ideapad S130(14)

Lenovo Ideapad S130- Lenovo


This amazing device apart from being pocket-friendly has been built for zero lack of task. Buying this laptop will not create a hole in your pocket and it will also perform all your daily tasks such as web surfing, creating documents and transferring files with ease. The laptop has absolutely no issues in playing videos. It can be thought that with Lenovo IdeaPad s130 gone are the days when you had to wait a lot while the tasks were performed by the machine. Taking the specifications into consideration the device comes with an 11.6 inch HD anti-glare LED backlit + Intel UHD graphics 600. It comes with a powerful processor which is Intel Celeron n4000 Processor. The device comes packed with 4GB RAM and 64GB hard disk drive. 

6. Asus Vivobook 15


Asus Laptop 15

Asus 15 Vivobook- Laptopmedia


About Asus Vivobook we can definitely say that among all the average grade laptops in our list it is perhaps one of the best in the bunch. The system runs on an Intel I7 processor which guarantees excellent functionality. The device comes with an anti glare display that presents media with vibrant colors. As far as the configuration is concerned it has 15.6 inch full HD 4K Nano-edge bezel display with 5.65 inch full HD screen pad 2.0. It comes with a 12 GB RAM and 512 GB of PCIe NVME SSD + backlit keyboard.

With this list it would certainly become convenient for you to buy a laptop in Singapore and if you are still wondering where to buy a cheap laptop in Singapore do explore PC Dreams Outlet to get the best deals and offers.

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