Refurbished laptops are the most economical and worthy option for consideration in this century. With Singapore being the major leader in this market. A study shows that 27% of all laptops are sold post refurbishing as it is high on the preference list of the end-users. The premium Dell refurbished laptops are among the list of most sold laptops. It has varied advantages for the end-users.

Dell Laptops


What are the advantages of refurbished premium laptops?

  1.      Source: The premium laptops are usually sold by the big brands and certified resellers. These enterprises use the most enhanced and upgraded versions of the tools. This leads to the assurance of the fact that these laptops are quality tested and as well as tools upgraded.
  2.      Price: The price of the refurbished laptops cost 80% less than the market value for the new premium laptops. The major chunk of the new laptops is the branding and marketing cost, you can avoid this by opting for a refurbished laptop.

  3.      Customizations: The premium refurbished laptops are customized based on industrial needs. Thus, when you are opting for these premium refurbished laptops, the nitty-gritty requirement of the customizations is taken care of.

  4.      Double testing: The premium refurbished goes through the hands of professionals at the first stage when used by the pre-owners and then by the refurbishing agency to examine the laptop in every possible detail and repair the components which require such change or replacement of such damaged component.

  5.      Software upgrades: Software’s need to upgrade from time to time but what comes as the guarantee in each software upgrade is the validity for these upgrades in both the new laptops as well as the old laptops. The compatibility of this software will never act as a blocker in the laptop’s operation or tools in the premium laptops.

  6.      Cost of time: Since the premium laptops go through the two-staged test, the probability of any issue happening on such laptops is minimal. Singapore being a highly active market in the refurbished products is a great example of saving the cost of time by providing resolutions in the shortest possible time instead of going through the process of dealer shipping a laptop for repair and getting that shipped back post-resolution of the issue.

  7.      Economic benefits: In this fast-paced economic world where the transaction happens at every microsecond, every penny saved is the penny invested as it increases your spending pocket.

  8.      Environmental benefits: The new laptops require manufacturing and thus leads to an increase in greenhouse gas and the carbon footprint in the environment. Thus, opting for the refurbished premium laptops adds to your contribution to the environment.

The cost-benefit analysis of buying a premium refurbished laptop shows that the benefit derived from them is way higher than the cost incurred on this investment. The premium refurbished laptops are a package of best economical use of the dollars without compromising on the quality and at the same time doing our bit for the environment.

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