All You Need To Know About Apple Refurbished Products In Singapore?

Every time Apple launches a new product, it creates a lot of hype. All the new features and design of the newly launched product draws our attention towards Apple. But only a handful of us can actually afford them as they are quite expensive. But that’s not the reason to stop desiring to own one too. That’s where Apple refurbished products come in.

What does refurbished mean?

The products that are pre-owned and returned by the users to Apple due to some defects, such as a defective SSD on a Retina MacBook Pro or dead pixels on the monitor on an iPad. These can also be products that consumers have opted to recycle through Apple’s recycling system, or unwanted and returned products. Apple fixes these devices and replaces all the defective parts before selling them online again on its refurbished store. You can also find the Apple refurbished products in Singapore at Apple authorized stores.

Where to find Apple Refurbished Products in Singapore?

When buying a refurbished device directly from Apple, you can save up to a few hundred bucks and enjoy the same advantages you get with a brand new Apple product, including a guaranteed review process and a 1-year warranty. But there are some stores in Singapore that sell refurbished Apple products with the same benefits as Apple.

PC Dreams Outlet is a laptop store that has a refurbished column on their list. They deal in new as well as reconditioned MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, Mac Computers Apple watches, and other products. PC Dreams Outlet offers refurbished Apple devices which are of the current generation from previous years, with various configurations and capacities.

Why should you buy Apple Refurbished Products in Singapore?

Purchasing Apple refurbished items can be a major investment. Still, when purchasing refurbished items it is still prudent to be careful. With PC Dreams Outlet, you can find refurbished items easily and at best prices. Well, here are some reasons that prove to buy reconditioned Apple products a great deal.

Own Apple products at very less price

Apple products are costly. The biggest reason for buying refurbished products is saving money. The price declines by at least 15 percent in most situations. The older the models, the lesser the price. You can get a device that is as good as new at a very less price. You can get the iPads for at least 25 to 30% less than the original price. The price for Apple watches would be around 15 to 20% less. In the case of Macbooks and Mac computers, the price will be based on the model.

Factory reconditioned products

Macbook pro



When PC Dreams Outlet takes in a used Apple product, the experts run the tests to find out the faults. They reboot the product and replace the faulty parts. The product is thoroughly inspected by running a chain of tests to ensure it is functioning properly before it is resold. If the product fails any test, it is then repaired again.

As Good as New

The remanufactured Apple device goes through a process of cleaning. You get a device that is completely clean, inside and out. You would find absolutely no evidence that the product was being used. You will see that the harddisks are completely clean for your Mac computers or Macbooks. The same goes for Apple watches, iPhones, and iPads. Your product will look good as a new one. There won’t be any traces of data left from the previous user.

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