All you need to know about TraceTogether App

If you live in Singapore then there are no chances that the word TraceTogether App may not be familiar with you. If by any chance you have not heard of this technology then you will get to know everything about it here. In this, we are going to dive into the depth of this topic and provide you with all the essential information about it.

What is TraceTogether App?

Tracetogether App

Trace Together App is released by the Singaporean government which helps you for digital contact tracing with the help of the custom blue trace protocol. This app was actually the government Technology agency and was released on March 20, 2020. It is good to know that since the application has been released the percentage of the population that has gone on to download it has seen a gradual hike. In Singapore downloading, installing, and activating this particular application has been made mandatory by the government for the highest population. Also, some of the Government employees have been pressed for installing this app as some Agencies have made it mandatory to have it on their phone.

Recent Update

Care Instructions for Token

Care Instructions for Token – Token Go Where


In recent updates, it was found that a nationwide distribution of Trace Together App tokens has started since September 14 which means that the government has taken a nationwide distribution of the TraceTogether App throughout the country on September 14th. In addition to this, the government is trialing the deployment of safe entry. It means that in order to check-in at some places you need to have the Trace Together App in your smartphone otherwise the entry will not be allowed. These updates were released by the Minister in charge of the Smart Nation Initiative, Vivian Balakrishnan through a virtual press conference by the Multi Ministry Task Force also known as MTF on September 9, Wednesday.

Balakrishnan’s Statement

The reason behind this initiative is actually the Government’s aim to finish the distribution of the app by November this year. This distribution process was started with the distribution of the application to vulnerable seniors which happened around late June this year. The process of distribution will begin in the Jalan Besar and Tanjong Pagar region. These regions have been chosen because there is a higher concentration of elderly people who may face more challenges using the Trace Together App and are also very much vulnerable to the COVID-19 situation as explained by Balakrishnan.

Once their process is done, the collection points will then be extended throughout the country progressively. The residents can go to the Token Go Where website in order to explore more details on the collection sites as well as about the timing. Also, the people who wish to collect the tokens earlier can do the needful by visiting any of the active collection websites that have been listed on the Token Go Where website. It is also important to know that the token is available for free for all the residents of the country, Singapore, and each and every resident in the country is encouraged to either download the Trace Together App onto their smartphones or to collect the Trace Together Token.

Covid-19: Minister Vivian Balakrishnan on the new TraceTogether token

Balakrishnan also said in his statement that downloading Trace Together App has still not been made mandatory but he emphasized that a higher adoption makes the program effective in many folds. Also in order to facilitate contact tracing efforts, the government will be piloting the deployment of safe entry which will require the use of either the app or the token in order to check-in at some of the selected venues. These selected venues could include those in which there may be a larger group gathering, especially where there is close interaction among the people or where there are chances that masks may not be worn at all times due to the nature of the activity going on.

This method will ensure better confidence in mitigating the risk of the formation of large clusters and will allow a safe increase in capacity at these events and promises. This initiative was trialed at the first MICE event that was held at the end of August in the present year. Right now the safe entry will be undertaken only at selected venues which will then be expanded over time once the national distribution of Trace Together App and tokens is completed.

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