Welcome to PC Dreams Outlet - New Reconditioned Laptops

At PC Dreams Outlet, we choose to provide better alternatives and an option to utilize your money wisely. As such, we came up with a concept to suit those who are looking for both value and performance, that was how PC Dreams Outlet came to be. At the PC Dreams Outlet, we sell brand new and new reconditioned laptops at a very attractive price. We ensure that all the laptops listed for sale work like brand new. They are thoroughly checked so that there won’t be any lingering issues down the line.

To guarantee this quality, all our models come with:

  • The original manufacturer warranty
  • Original packaging and accessories (unless otherwise stated)
  • Up to 70%(to be amended if required) off its original price

Why buy a new reconditioned laptop from us?

These machines are basically brand new and in tip-top conditions. We collaborate with the best brands in the industry so that you can be assured of a premium purchase at a lower cost. The range of laptops are unprecedented and even comes with great services like Warranty, Free Delivery, 90 Days Return program, Secure Payment feature and 24/7 Support. At PC Dreams Outlet, we believe in providing our customers with smart options and still enjoy premium value with their purchases.

Why? Because we think Of our customers First.

(Our team of experts feel that every machine deserves a second chance and aim to getting it performing just like its newer cousins through our Laptop Refresh banner. The Refresh plan covers machines made from all the leading manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo, Apple and Asus and we use original factory parts to fix any nagging issues. We then test the laptop against the default specs to ensure that everything is back to its best. To learn more about the refreshing process, click here.) – May consider adding this part in if needed.

Managing e-waste

One of the goals of PC Dreams Outlet is to help limit the amount of e-waste produced in Singapore and we strive to make sure that nothing goes to waste where possible. By purchasing new reconditioned laptops, you will be contributing to the environment by reducing the carbon footprint and reducing the amount of e-waste significantly. This will help us heal the Earth by reducing the amount of resources extracted from our planet, which is in tune with our company’s direction to be an  environmentally friendly firm.

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